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Looking For the Perfect Film?

CineMuse has the finest library of high-definition and 3D originated programs in North America. The Library includes nearly 400 programs from leading producers such as Alpha Productions (France), BBC Worldwide (United Kingdom), Discovery Enterprise International (USA), HDTV Productions (Canada), NHK (Japan), Polygone (France), Rabbit Ears (USA), Sony HD Productions (Japan) and WRAL (USA).

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us find you the perfect film! Our privileged relationship with top program producers allows you to access the very best films and documentaries from across the world. Our films are available in a variety of formats. When required, short version of our programs can be created to better suit your programming needs (subject to producer approval). English, French, Spanish or Portuguese, we are always happy to acquire the versions you require to better serve your visitors.

A Personalized Approach

In order to allow you to offer a successful digital cinema program, CineMuse will research and evaluate your options for content, equipment and programming by interviewing the institution’s leadership, visiting the site and reviewing materials. CineMuse will prepare a brief report on implementing a digital cinema program that includes findings, conclusions and recommendations.

CineMuse will provide you with:

  • a top quality, programmable high-definition 3D  media player;
  • quality promotional material to properly promote your films; and
  • audience evaluation forms, template press releases and discussion guides (where available).


CineMuse has the finest library of high-definition and stereoscopic 3D programs offered to museum, science centers, zoos and aquariums and other other cultural institutions. The library includes over 400 programs from leading producers such as BBC Worldwide, Discovery Enterprise International, HDTV Productions, NHK and Off the Fence.

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cinemuse.com: New website, same great service!

Welcome to the new and improved www.cinemuse.com!

Our new website  has a slick, streamlined look and will get you to the info you need in a click or two. It also features tons of video, allowing  you to sample your next film in no time. Although most clips are under 2 minutes long,  our online screening is just a few clicks away. For access, please contact us at info@cinemuse.com and we will be happy to send you a private link to tons of great content to screen.


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Join the CineMuse Network and bring the best in hi-definition cinema to your community!

CineMuse Network members are museums, universities, arts centers and science centers that use hi-definition technology to present CineMuse programs to their audiences. Through CineMuse, these institutions enrich their offerings to visitors, build audiences and membership, help fulfill their missions, generate revenue and demonstrate technology leadership.

The CineMuse Library— North America’s largest collection of entertaining hi-definition programs aimed at discerning viewers— features hundreds of programs by leading producers from around the world, as well as many original CineMuse Studios productions.

Since 1997, CineMuse has provided its Network members with ideal content for their audiences and marketing and consulting services to help maximize their investment in hi-definition. These services include an onsite hi-definition demonstration, management briefing and initial assessment. This valuable package of services provides all the information required to develop and maintain a successful hi-definition cinema program and is included at no additional charge with licensing packages.

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Address: CineMuse, Inc.
3904 49th Street, #2N, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Email: info@cinemuse.com

Please note that CineMuse does not sell any films to the public. We are not affiliated with www.cinamuse.com.